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Own Your Everyday - Book Review

"I wrote it for the gal who feels like she has no direction when it comes to her life or dreams, for the woman who has direction, but needs to pull the trigger and start taking action, and for the gal who feels like she's in a perpetual season of waiting or pulled in many different directions. If you've ever felt like you're chasing after something more while trying to find purpose and contentment where you are with what you have, this can and will be game changing for you." -Jordan Lee Dooley

Last month I was selected to be on the launch team for this book, and I was so excited when I found out!! They sent me an Advanced Reader Copy to read early and share my unboased thoughts. Now that this baby has been launched to the world here's what I think about it!


My Thoughts

This book is all about literally owning your everyday. What it means to find your purpose and how to love the life you've been given every single day! From the spectacular highlights to the boring chores. She even talks about dancing through doorways, I mean c'mon! 💗

The biggest thing I love about this book is that no mater what season of life you are going through, there is SOMETHING for you to take away from this. That being said, my following thoughts are very specific to myself and what sparked my attention based on my current circumstances. Many women talk about how this book has helped them find their purpose and passion in life and find the strength to follow that. I have been blessed enough to have had a relatively clear vision of my purpose since the 7th grade. And yet, This book has touched my heart and inspired me in so many ways. I remember a few months ago Jordan released the cover image of the book and it was called "Purpose" I love and adore J so much that I would have still read it, but I would have had a different idea of HOW it could effect my personal life when diving in.

My greatest take away is the idea of being the girl I've dreamed of being right now. Nothing is stopping me! I have goals in life, as many of us do, but life is so much more than destinations, and I am constantly trying to find ways to own where I am now along the way. There's a difference between striving to be the best and simply giving our best. As cliche as it sounds, if we live our lives focused on one destination after another, and become dependent on these achievements to make us happy, we will miss a VAST amount of time in which we could have enjoyed this beautiful journey we've been given! (Does this remind anyone else of the movie Click with Adam Sandler??)

Jordan's voice shines through the text! Own Your Everyday reads like I'm chatting with a close friend, and sometimes you need that when your closest friends are miles away or have the exact opposite schedule as you. She is not afraid to tell you how it is, and help YOU find areas you could improve. But she doesn't leave you hanging there! She shares practical action steps to improve these areas and encourages you from a true place of love.

I also love that Jordan is rooted in the Christian faith. But, if you don't share this faith, J doesn't try to preach it to you. She clearly states, "while I'm not here to impose my faith on you, I'm also not going to hide it from you." That one sentence on it's own is something I admire.

Highly recommend this book for a woman in ANY phase of life. No matter what you are going through, there are aspects of this book that will truly touch your heart, soul and spirit.


Jordan's story began when she started an etsy shop while in college and recruited her sorority sisters to help her package and ship items in their third floor storage closet. She is now a podcaster, content creator, speaker, and entrepreneur. But when I think of J, I think of a small town Indiana girl who has a giant heart, and the brain to find ways to share that with the world. Jordan has said herself that when she learns something new, she gets super excited to share it with all of us!


About Own Your Everyday

Own Your Everyday is a girlfriend's guide to finding a purpose-driven life. Written in Jordan's easy-to-read voice, she encourages women tackle obstacles, disappointment, perfectionism, comparison, and distractions with tangible takeaways you can implement anytime, anywhere.


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