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Fall Collection is Live!

There are so many little moments in life that can truly make or break your day that most of us allow to happen to us without even realizing it.

- That moment you walk outside bundled up for winter, and the sun is gently warming your face.

- When your coffee order is perfect AND they spelled your name right.

- Taking a few minutes to enjoy your morning cup instead of drinking it on the go.

- Someone holds the subway doors open for you as you're already running late.

- Your favorite notepad reminds you to slow down and take a breath.

That’s where these little things come into play! We can curate those little moments to encourage and uplift our spirits!

This little touch of elegant sparkle will make you feel classy, unique, put together, and eco-friendly! Pop it in your morning iced coffee, or your afterwork cocktail!

Fun festive stickers to customize your favorite products from your laptop to your phone case.

Simple hand written place cards to elevate any meal or gathering!

and my personal favorite...

A beautiful warm wall rosary to remind you to pray your way through the day.

God’s got your back.

The fall collection will be available while supplies last, so be sure to grab an extra for your besties Christmas stocking!

Visit the shop HERE


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